Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Solution to the “I Need a Vacation from My Vacation” Blues: St Thomas Massage & Spa
Every return back from your vacation and feel like you need a vacation?
Has this every happened to you? You decide to go on vacation (or as they call it in Europe: ‘a holiday ole chap’). Let’s say it’s a tropical island in the Caribbean. Like perhaps St Thomas in the gorgeous U.S. Virgin Islands.
Great, so you’ve got to finish all your on-going projects at home first, inform all the appropriate people, and prepare… and then of course you’ve got to pack.    Oh boy,,, yeah, the packing…
And then on that faithful day you’ve been soooo very much looking forward to, you gather all your baggage, drive to the airport, wait in the long ticket line, wait in the security check points (so they can do all their magical things to you and your luggage), and of course wait to board your plane. Then you cram yourself into your seat next to strangers for that long ride in the flying tin-can.
Upon arriving at your paradise island, you again have to wait in Baggage claim, wait for the rental car or the taxi and then take the trek to locate your hotel, resort or villa.
Man, it’s downright exhausting taking a vaca, right?
And here’s the real scoop… once you’ve gotten to your vacation destination it takes you several days just to decompress and leave the anxieties, worries & woes of life-back-home behind you, right?
And then just about the time where you really start feeling like your beginning to enjoy your time away, it strikes you... “Oh no, I have to go back soon”. Then that anxiety hits…
It’s enough to make you feel like you need some time off...!
The great news is there is a very easy solution to ensuring that you decompress faster, get to that relaxation state quicker and leave the issues of life-back-home where it belongs… back home.
And that solution is simple… GET A MASSAGE – in our example here you’d want to get a St Thomas Massage… and get it as early in your vacation as possible. Preferably the day of or the day after you arrive on that beautiful Virgin Island paradise oasis.
That’s where our review website / blog: Massage in St Thomas comes in!
We test for the best – by secrets hopping the local massage centers and spas for you we ensure the therapist each have that “something special” and are ready, willing and able to put you into that peaceful, relaxation states right away – so you can TRULY get all the juice from your well-deserved  vacation. We want to make sure we prepare you: mind, body and spirit to either truly enjoy your relaxing holiday or give you that increased energy to go take on all the adventures your vacation plans have to offer.
So don’t delay, take a look over our various reviews and contact the St Thomas / St John Massage center or Spa that suites your needs.
This month recommended Massage Spa is:
A Touch of Wellness Massage & Health Center, St Thomas – located at Compass Point Marina on the East End, Virgin Islands.